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Milton J. Womack, Inc. accepts bids from qualified subcontractors and vendors for a wide range of commercial construction projects. Depending upon the project, we may require construction-related services ranging from concrete to steel, framing, painting, and electrical. Criteria considered for bidding companies include capabilities, past projects, reputation, manpower, and the ability to deliver services on time and within budget. All bidding companies must also be fully insured and licensed.

If you are interested in becoming a subcontractor or supplier, please fill out this pre-qualification form. A completed pre-qualification form can be submitted via e-mail to or via fax to (225) 924-8085. You can also drop off at our office. Please note we make every effort to respond to submissions as quickly as possible. If you have immediate concerns or questions, you may call us at 225-924-8050.

Closed Bids

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