Baton Rouge Community College – Cypress Science and Technology Building

Project Detailsx

Client:State of Louisiana, Facility Planning and Control
Architect:Robert M. Coleman & Partners
Location:5310 Florida Blvd,
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Year Completed:Apr 2005

Project Overviewx

This building, a small piece of the college’s expansion, was built and designed by the partnership of Milton J. Womack, Inc. and Coleman Partners Architects. Opened for classes in May 2005, the building truly is multifunctional. The first floor houses seven large science labs, other classrooms and a lecture hall. The second floor houses computer labs, teaching offices and deans’ offices. Built on a fast-track schedule, the two-story, 61,400-square-foot project was designed to be both cost and time-effective to keep up with the college’s growing enrollment. The most notable features of the building are the two-story glass atrium, the zinc panels that give the relatively conservative building an industrial feel and the working exterior greenhouse.