Cotton Exchange Hotel

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Project Detailsx

Client:Cotton Exchange Hotel, LLC
Architect:Williams & Associates
Location:221 Carondelet St., New Orleans, LA 70130,
New Orleans, LA 70130

Project Overviewx

A combination of renovation and new construction, the Cotton Exchange Hotel started with two adjacent historic buildings. Due to the historic status, neither could be altered on the exterior. One building was 80 years old, eight-stories tall, and constructed of concrete. The second building was 100 years old, five-stories tall, and constructed of wood. The design added three floors to the wood structure to make both buildings eight-stories tall, tied together with corridors. The project also included a challenging installation of a pool on the roof of the wooden building. To achieve both the additional three floors and the pool on this smaller structure, structural steel had to start in the basement and extend through the roof. A detail requested by the owner required careful attention in the renovation to salvage the original raised paneling in the boardroom and reinstall it in a new conference room. National Register of Historic Places Reference No. 372855.