Iberville Office Building

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Project Detailsx

Client:State of Louisiana, Office of Facility Planning and Control
Architect:Holly & Smith Architects
Location:625 N. 4th Street,
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Value: $30,211,975
Year Completed: Jul 2006

Project Overviewx

The Iberville Building, an approximately 270,000-square-foot, nine-story office building in downtown Baton Rouge, sits on the site where the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources was located until its implosion in 2003. The building houses the Louisiana Department of Social Services and is a part of the Louisiana Capitol Park Complex that was designed to consolidate the State of Louisiana’s governmental agencies into downtown Baton Rouge. The location of the Iberville Office Building is one portion of the “gateway” to the Louisiana State Capitol Building. The physical construction of this building is of structural steel framing, poured slab on deck, and a precast panel and aluminum curtain wall façade.