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438 Main Street


Built as an infill project for the downtown revitalization effort in Baton Rouge, this 22-unit, four-story apartment building was built in 11 months. The LEED Certified Building used pine timbers from another nearby building that had been torn down; these were then planed and resawn to furnish the building’s main corridor on each floor. Salvaged bricks from that same building line the new sidewalk and patio of the first floor. The wood frame structure uses many energy efficient features such as Low-E Glass and a lighting management system. Many of the materials used on the 22,600 square foot project were manufactured within a 500-mile radius and carried a Low V.O.C. content, adhering to the guidelines of LEED Construction.

Owner: 438 Main Street, LLC
Architect: Chenevert Architects LLC
Location: 438 Main Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70801
Completion Date: Oct 2012
Construction Cost: $3,284,473

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